Thursday, December 7, 2017

Abigayle Ray Photography has relocated to Livingston Montana

What a very busy and exciting couple months we've had!

In early September we went through hurricane Irma mostly unscathed, then about a month later Melody was offered a job out of state that we simply could not turn down, so plans were rapidly made to move very quickly as we only had about 2 weeks from the offer to move date and on November 3rd, 2017 we departed Florida for our new home in Livingston, Montana.

It was a long four and a half day drive, and after the second day it started to get cold, but we got to see parts of the country that none of us had ever seen.

We are now all settled in our new home and loving every minute of it here! The scenery and mountains are simply breathtaking and it seems like every time you turn your head you see something different! We are located about 40 minutes North of the North entrance to Yellowstone National Park, and even though it is winter now, we have already made one trip down to the Park (although we did not go in...yet), and on that short trip the amount of wildlife that we saw was incredible, from dear to elk and even bald eagles! We know that we are going to love it here!

With that said.....Abigayle Ray Photography is back open, and in fact we have already had one senior session a week ago! We can't wait to capture your photographs here against some of the most beautiful natural scenery we've ever seen!

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